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This is the official site of Andrei Olaru, the owner of and In other words, this is where I put the stuff like I do, like, for instance, my photographs.

In its ideal form, this site should hold all the content that I have ever generated and I want others to see. Poems, drawings, designs, code, reflections. However, it is still far from that, and the content that is presented right now is just a small part of what I have stored on electronic and physical media.

I have always insisted on writing the code for the site myself. It's a hobby. When i have the time, I add features or tweak the appearance.

Progress on content and code/features is unpredictable. It greatly depends on the time that I have, on the ideas that I have, and on other priorities.

But my site has always been close to my heart, and I hope I will never stop updating, no matter how rarely.

History (en-only):

The history of this site begins with the old wackyr.{go,as,lx}.ro, which had a black background and a big sort of eye on the home page. Maybe someday I'll try to make it work again and put it online. It used only HTML and I wrote all the links to photos by hand - I had few photos online. Later I made a PHP browser for that.

The next phase was White background this time, and written in PHP. It was based on a directory structure for the content, which was read by the code - no databases.

At some point the domain was acquired, then was improved by creating the AO logo.

The 3.0 version of this site was a great change: modular code and an improved, very generic, structure of the database.

Right now the site uses PHP and some (very little) JavaScript. It relies heavily on CSS.

Technical update list (en-only)
[250312] support for the archive item type
[180711] grouping and sorting options
[180711] video item display
[180711] video item type
[030711] technical update list added
[030711] About page added
[090611] tweaks on the tilish2 skin (item name moved, description and thumbail added to the left side of the page.)
[280311] new icon (intersected green and blue round rectangles)
[280311] preloading of image items
[280311] medium mode
[261210] tilish2 skin update
[100510] RSS feed
[100510] update list on home page

this skin is deprecated. click here to go back to the tilish2 skin

version 3.0